The Party

One of the unique aspects of the arrival of electric cars is the celebration of the delivery of them. Seriously. It’s more like a childbirth than a car purchase.

Tesla GlassesCase in point – Our family came to know dsm363 through my participation in Tesla’s and TMC’s online forum. dsm363 is a cool guy who is the first person I met who owned a Tesla. He was driving a roadster and had a Model S on order. After exchanging a couple e-mails, I took my 10 year-old son to get pizza and meet dsm363 one Sunday in May. You know, as sort of my human shield! dsm showed up in his Roadster, and after having lunch and chatting he gave us a ride. WOW! I hooted and hollered and my son Nico had a goofy Tesla grin on his face. I asked dsm if it (the driving experience) ever got old – ‘no, not really, never’. I never had really experienced anything like it, and I’ve been lucky enough to be in Ferraris and Lamborghinis before. It made me feel a lot better about my Model S reservation.

Fast forward to late September. dsm received his Model S around September 22, so my wife Eva and I asked to throw a belated delivery party for him the following weekend. What a blast! Eva made wine glasses with the Tesla logo, Dave brought over his Model S, and we all did test drives. One friend came in from the drive and handed me his credit card to make a reservation right then! I made him sleep on it, and he went online and made one the next day!IMG_0877

On one test drive, I took my twelve year-old daughter Bella, two of friends, and one of their moms. We did the 0-60s a few times in that mid 4 second range, registered over 1,200 watts/mile, and had the girls screaming in the backseat. Made several jumps to light speed that night.Power Consumption

Anyways, for as simple as it was, it was a great party – fun people, great car, and a general sense that this was the beginning of something big and that you got to be in on it. Does that make sense? It felt like greeting the Mayflower.


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