The 2012 Scramble

This post is about 12/31, but I am going to take you on a meandering path to get there…photo(1)

When I made my Model S reservation, it was February 1st, 2012. At the time I was told it would be about a year until I would receive my car. So I did what any impatient adult would do – I looked to get my fix any way I could. First up – in late February 2012  I attended a conference in Seattle, so I took an afternoon and went to the store in Bellevue. I honestly felt nervous as I walked through the mall looking for the store – was I going to like in person what I’d seen online? As an architect, I had high standards for the car, like I do for the work our firm does – high performance, integrated functionality, exceptional design. So I wanted a full experience, a great store, beautiful, simple, clean, the store needed to tell the story of the car. IMG_0275George and his team nailed it – great job! Still, as I approached I felt like I was about to go to the equivalent of an automotive blind date (I guess today an online date would be an even better parallel, as you’ve seen the picture before meeting – so I hear.)

When I went in the store, the Tesla rep was talking with someone, pointing at the car on the other side of the black velvet rope.IMG_0277 I walked around, listened in, nodded a couple times, chimed in with how great I thought the car looked, etc. After those people left, the rep approached me asked if I had any questions. I said yes, and by the way I was a reservation holder. BINGO! The velvet rope came up and I got the grand tour, inside and out. Membership has its privileges.

I stayed about two hours, every time a new person would come in, I’d fall back and let the Tesla rep do his job, and when there was a lull we were chatty Cathys about all aspects of the car. IMG_0291I even pulled up our office’s website on the touchscreen and he said, ‘that looks cool, I’m going to leave that on the screen.’ It was great and I left with a free key chain, a jacket for me and an electric roadster for my son.

In March I did the same thing – I took my son Nico to Keystone to ski for a few days at Spring Break my while my Eva and daughter Bella went to Williamsburg for her 5th grade trip. Let’s see, skiing and visiting the Tesla store or getting up at 6 each morning to watch someone dressed for Halloween churn butter? Pretty sure I scored on that one. Anyways, we had a great visit in Denver too, but man is that store in the boonies.IMG_0347

Moving along, in August we did the Get Amped EVent in Austin, and September the party for dsm’s delivery. Then early October came I got the finalize button one day when I logged on to Yikes! Black, Silver, Gray? Performance or no? (I was locked on 85KWh.) All the add ons and the permutations of combinations – I must have exhausted the configurator on their server – Calgon take me away. Well there was only one solution – road trip! I was heading to San Diego for work in a week, so I had routed myself through San Francisco with a four hour gap between flights – just enough time to get a cab to the Menlo Park store, spend 30 minutes looking at colors and finishes, the same amount of time on a test drive, you know, just to get my fix, and a cab back.IMG_0897 I tried to FaceTime my wife on the store’s wifi to show her combos, but couldn’t get connected. It was on the cab ride back to the store that I realized – this is ridiculous!

So, finally we come to about a month ago when I, like thousands of others, received the e-mail asking if we wanted to move up our delivery. Yes, yes and YES! Like everyone else, I have no idea why some folks several thousand slots ahead of me don’t have their cars while some several thousand behind do – all I know is that I was slated for February/March and now I was given the 12/15-12/31 window.

I got my financing lined up and then things stalled for a couple weeks. Don’t know why. Now late December was being reported as early January. Throw in the fiscal cliff and just enough ambiguity to make people nervous about the tax credit and I was getting mad that I had been led down a path that was bumpy. However right after Christmas, my DS Andy sent me an e-mail with a VIN, a 2012 at that. I know some people want 2013 for resale – I wanted 2012 for history. I was stoked. then Andy e-mailed the next day and said if I’d get them a copy of the check and a Fedex tracking number before the end of 2012, Tesla would classify this as a 2012 sale. So not only is the tax credit safe, I get access to the $s twelve months earlier.

So I did. I will now likely pursue a re-finance loan through PenFed as they have great terms (1.49% for up to 60 months) that are hard to pass up. And that takes us to 2013. I am hoping to hear from Andy tomorrow about the timing for the delivery of my car – definitely within a few weeks, hopefully within a few days! You’ll get the first pics here! A new door is opening…


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