So, what’s it going to look like?

OK, our Model S could be here as early as today. Or not. It’s at least to Arizona, perhaps New Mexico, hopefully Texas! It’s on a beautiful drive – for those who have not been to West Texas, it has a haunting beauty. Here’s a snippet of Marfa, the Thunderbird Hotel that our office designed a few years back.Marfa

But what’s ours going to look like? Well, when you go onto the forums, it’s interesting – almost everyone plugs their configuration, sort of like a handshake greeting many times. And honestly, I don’t know if you could create an ugly combination of features. So what’s our handshake? It almost always starts with the battery size or color…

85KWh Standard (not performance version)

Blue w/Panoramic Roof and 19″ Wheels

Tan Leather w/Obeche Wood Matte, Parcel Shelf

Tech Package, Sound Package, Air Suspension, Single Charger

What didn’t we get? Rear facing seats, paint armor, and the high performance wall charger

So all that looks something like this:

Tesla S Exterior

Tesla S Interior

I think the exterior is spectacular – what is particularly pleasing is how the aesthetics are partnered with the performance. The ability to slope the nose since there’s no engine, the flat deck of batteries, the ultra low coefficient of drag – all were used to enhance the beauty of the car, not be impediments to it. The same applies to the interior. Some complain it’s too minimal but I love how it challenges us to shuck off our cluttered lifestyles. I frankly would have been hugely disappointed if there were buttons, knobs, pocket, cup holders strewn everywhere. If we’re going to break with the past, dadgummit, let’s do it!

Well done Franz, JB, George, Elon, and all who collaborated on the design…now would our car please get here!!!


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