Not Happening this Weekend…

I’ll admit, every time the phone rang this weekend I was hoping it would be the delivery company saying they were moments away. Nope. I will be out of town Tuesday through Friday, so unless it comes tomorrow it will be a cruel twist of fate if it arrives while I’m away. I am preparing emotionally for that…

Of more value, and interest, is some of the colateral information people have created for the Model S. As you are likely aware, perhaps the largest bugaboo people have about electric cars is the range. While it is very easy to start every morning with a full battery, having topped off at home or on the road, it is more time consuming than a gas fill-up to do so on the road, even if you use a supercharger. So knowing how far you can go is critical. Tesla’s computer does some figuring for you, but you’re really a wonk, there’s a cool app out there that allows you to change a series of personal and environmental factors to predict effects. It’s called Vehicle Energy Use Simulator and is available through the Apple App Store.

There a number of inputs to set up the Tesla Model S in the simulator (the app creator, Wayne Brown, gave these to me while he creates a Model S in the drop-down menu of cars.)

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 5.54.28 PMFor example, if you change your driving from 55MPH to 75MPH, the MPGe goes down by just over 20%. If your driving in a light rain, the extra effort that imposes on the car reduces the MPGe by about 15% over dry, smooth asphalt. Until the charging infrastructure is prevalent and rapid, there will need to be a little more math driving an EV. Bring it on!

Speaking of bring it on, where’s my car???


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