They Came!!!

After speaking with my DS yesterday and being told that my Model S was slated for 9 AM delivery, I waited at home, and waited, and waited, and they came!!!

IMG_0050Well the electrician’s did at least. Got two NEMA 14-50s installed with shrouds to protect me from tripping in the garage and ramming a screwdriver into the receptacle (did that with a bobby pin at age three, not fun).

What about the car? Well here’s a timeline of my day, if you look really closely you will NOT see ‘car delivered’ anywhere:

5:30 Woke up. This isn’t early for me, but going to bed at 2:00 is late…tired.

5:45 Make coffee, check – averaging 200 views a day! Thank you loyal readers, I promise to make the blog worth the subscription price.

7:15 Run out to Dry Cleaners to get clothes ready for tomorrow’s business trip. Wheelbarrow in fast lane on freeway – bad omen. Call 911. ‘There’s Cracker barrel on the freeway?’ asks the dispatcher.  Welcome to 21st century America, brought to you by the same country that makes Tesla.

7:20 Phone rings, could it be…the electrician.

7:30 Get home, start a treadmill run.

7:45 Electrician arrives, suspending treadmill run. Shows me the outlet…that doesn’t look right, I think NEMA 14-50 is a four wire installation. Electrician goes back to shop.

8:00 Resume treadmill run

8:15 End Treadmill Run, shower, shave, get dressed nicely, knowing I’ll be taking some photos today!

9:00 No Tesla

9:30 Call DS, he tells me – ‘They put down 9 AM for every delivery in San Antonio’ What the hell, is the delivery guy Santa Claus?

10:00 Go to County Tax assessor office to try to get 30-day temporary tag for $25. Parking lot is full except for EV chargers! IMG_0046Go up to counter, one of about 8, “Oh, you’re the third Tesla I’ve registered” What? There are 5 offices, 8 windows per office (guess) and I get the EV specialist! Things are looking up! She looks at my insurance, “I can’t do a 30-day pass, you only have 15 days coverage” (USAA insurance expires 1/21, did not have card for 1/21-7/21.) Things are looking down. She suggests I go to DMV and get a free temp registration – what?


10:30 Pull into DMV, get to front of line, they’ve never heard of a free temp registration for a new car. Offer to sell me a 30-day pass for $25. Can’t because insurance expires 1/21. Wash, rinse, repeat. Finally get USAA to fax next six months over. Counter guy can’t find Tesla in his computer, puts ‘Other’ for vehicle maker.

11:00 Get home, no word from Tesla, electricians almost done, already slightly skeptical wife thinks I just wanted to take off from work.

11:30 Everyone at work who I e-mailed and said I wasn’t coming in, simultaneously panics and asks me when I’m coming in. Not yet. Warm up mother-in-law homemade tamales. Yum.

12:00 Pay electrician, he comes inside to look at kitchen light, dog jumps up and bites him. Bad sign.

12:30 Do work for 90 minutes, go to TMC and TM sites, listen to Pandora, starting to feel like I just took a day off.

2:00 Go to work. get a little done, distracted. Bummed. Son is going to be really bummed. Wife is going to be terrified if she has to accept the car without me there. Daughter still texting.

6:30 Come back home

6:45 Call DS, reply says it all. “All I can see is it was supposed to be delivered today”

TESLA, ARE YOU KIDDING? I could buy a $3 pair off socks from Amazon and be more certain of their location than this car!

8:30 Text DSM, who responds Alabama = Tesla, Notre Dame = Fisker. Touche. Except for delivery, Tesla = KC Chiefs.

9:15 Drown my sorrows in a blog post.

It’s OK, tomorrow is another day. Well another day that I get on a plane and go to Louisville! Leave for airport about 9:00, Tesla will probably show up at 9:15. Not home until Friday PM.



One response to “They Came!!!

  1. TM maybe needs to take into account that people have lives. Notify urgently if target is going to be missed by more than 1 hr.! Basic business etiquette.

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