It’s Here!!! And I’m not!


It came, born unto the world at 6:30 Central. My wife Eva has nicknamed it Cattledog. It is, after all, dark blue (blue heeler).

Unfortunately, I am not in San Antonio! I am Louisville for work. Pretty far away.

Eva received it with my son Nico and dsm, who came over to pull it into the garage and plug it in as she was too freaked out to do it. My daughter Bella remained inside, obsessed with homework and nonplussed by the historic aspect of it all.

From dsm’s photos, it appears to have had all the drama of a nighttime shuttle launch. I told Nico to clear his calendar because Friday night we’re going cruising, electric style!

Thanks Tesla for upping your game after a rocky delivery process.  My previous comments come as a car and stock owner who wants to see you succeed in the worst way. Please adjust things now while you have your early adopters as crash test dummies.

Enjoy the photos, look for a long write-up Friday PM after I get home from my trip and our cruise.





3 responses to “It’s Here!!! And I’m not!

  1. Glad you finally got it. Congrats! I can only imagine the excitement. David is a good friend for helping. Blue with tan is (will be hopefully next week) my config. Would love to see lots of pics of the interior with the tan. Cheers!

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