This Thing has more ‘Cow Bell’

Man, what a car.

I was speaking with a talented graphic artist in our office today about marketing proposals and she said, ” You like to use adjectives.”


However, I am running out of them when trying to describe the Model S. So here’s a few thousand adjectives:


IMG_2081IMG_2083Perhaps we can start with a couple musings on the technical side and add a couple every day or two until I run out of things to say.

Performance – I don’t mean MPGe either. This car was made to be DRIVEN, not nursed. We have a 3.8 KW PV array on our roof, so by my estimates (after 5 days) I can baby this thing to 15,000 free miles per year (300 Wh/mile, our array produces about 4,500 KWh in a year), or I can give my electrons the freedom they deserve at a more rapid clip and pump out 12,000 glorious free miles/year. BTW, I have averaged 6,500 miles/year for the last decade but the only way I’ll do that in the Model S is if I’m in a body cast for eight months out of twelve.

Drive Experience – What can I say? Control, precision, speed, power, fluidity, agility. Thoroughbred. Are those all adjectives?

You know that Belmont Stakes in 1973 when everyone was wondering if Secretariat could go the mile and a half? No horse had won the Triple Crown in 25 years, everyone was wondering if it could be done.

It could be done. The second half of that race was perhaps the greatest athletic performance of the 20th century.

Secretariat = Tesla Model S…Every Other Horse = Gas.

That’s what it’s like.

I especially liked two parts, @ 1:47 the announcer says, “He’s moving like a tremendous machine,” and the part @ 2:49 where Secretariat’s owner is joyfully waving her arms. That what it feels like.

Or this:


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