X from S? Yes!!!

I know we can’t be the first, and I have to give the credit to dsm who offered the idea, but this evening my wife and I settled into to our Model S in the garage and reserved a Model X right from the touchscreen! Now that’s romance. Yes!


It wasn’t as easy as it should have been (paying attention Tesla?) First we tried with our credit card – no dice, it wouldn’t let us enter the the card’s expiration date. Next we tried to use PayPal, every time we tried to finalize and pay it kicked us back to the start of the process. We were just about to go back to the prehistoric way of doing things (you know, online at a desktop or tablet that’s NOT in a car) but we tried creating a draft from our checking account – bingo. Reservation made. You can also wire transfer as the fourth option, didn’t need to try and figure that out.

The whole part about the reservation being refundable is a real kicker, takes away a lot of anxiety!

OK, so we lost out on air miles but, you know, whatever – we bought a car from the computer in our car. How cool is that?!? Maybe Tesla will see us as pioneers and invite us to one of their hip parties – please?

If you haven’t seen the latest update to the Model X, it’s pretty sweet. Here are some links below. I love how the interior is looking even more refined and technical than the S – seems like the right next derivation. There was a moment in a video from the Detroit auto show where Franz responds to a reporter’s question as to why the Model X isn’t more radical. Franz calls the Model X ‘ready-to-wear’ vs. ‘haute-couture’. I love it. All those goofy concept cars that auto companies put out, blah! Tesla is at the intersection of beauty and practicality. Everyone else is blocks away.

The production Model X will be at least 95% of the one at the show, we know that because of the Model S. Done. Reserved. Now I get to spend another year and a half on the forums. Great.

These guys keep rocking.





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