What do I like more, what do I like less, what’s in line…

One of the hardest things in life is to have enormous expectations for something, because it almost inevitably leads to disappointment. A better motto is ‘underpromise, overperform.”

That was impossible for the Tesla Model S at the outset. It came, at least to me, with the burden of enormous expectations weighting it. With that backdrop, I’d like the offer the following lists 7 days into driving the thang.

What do I like even more than I expected?

The blue color. EXTREMELY beautiful. Elegant. Mature.

The ‘Black and Tan’ interior leather. Beautiful.IMG_2091

The interior design. LOVE IT. The ‘simple black dress’ exemplified in a car interior. For my $, you nailed it Franz.

The touch screen interface. Better than an iPad. That should tell you all you need to know.

The graphics – touchscreen, displays, etc. 9.8 from the American judge.

Charging the car – even that interface is a friendship between simplicity, functionality, beauty.

Rear View Mirror – OK, not a biggie for me, but at least half a dozen people have relarked how much they love it.

Visors – Don’t need to be any bigger.

Rock Star Status – People are into this car!

Shhhhhh – The quiet.

What essentilly meets my (high) expectations?

Exterior design – it’s great, but I expected that.IMG_2074

Accelaration, Ditto.

Handling, Ditto.

Seats – comfortable, adjustable, could use more side bolstering.

What could be improved?

Delivery experience.

Front passenger door handle – works 2/3 of the time on my car.

Frunk latching – Should be automatic with Tech Package.

Size – I wish the car were 4″-6″ smaller in length and width.

Front license plate integration – Muffed punt, not really excusable.


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