For People on the Fence…

I made the follwoing post (with small edits) on the forum. It answers questions from a poster named Tranman, who owns a BMW and is considering getting another or a Tesla.

Tranman – My wife and I own a Tesla Model S and a BMW 525. We sold a Lexus RX when the Tesla arrived.

To your main issues regarding your friends in the auto business:

– they tell me to be very cautious about buying Tesla – YES

– unproven car company who only started in 2003 and has been releasing cars for a short while – YES

– no performance record of how the vehicle will perform once it hits 50K miles – YES

– All of the kinks and unforeseen items that continue to pop up and Tesla says they’ll fix – YES

– Just understand you’re being an early adopter and there are positives and negatives that come along with it – YES


If your main issues with a car are amenities, you may want an ICE or BMW.

If your main issue with getting a car is the fundamental driving experience, get a Tesla.It’s simply better than a BMW and BMW’s line is ‘the ultimate driving machine”  Sorry Germany. The US gets the upper hand in autos for the first time in decades.


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