The iPhone App

Tesla has just released their app, first for the Android phones and then about a week later, and about 5 days ago, for the iPhone. It’s pretty cool and will only get better as they add functionality over time. Right now there are 5 screens:

Home Screen, Controls, Charge, Climate, Location

They are all great, I particularly like the Climate function. It was mid-80s on Tuesday and I parked in an open lot an a jobsite where we are doing a project. By the time I was heading back to the car from the site, the interior temperature read 102 degrees. Pulled out the phone, set it for 72, walked a few hundred feet, and voila, cool car! And cool App!


3 responses to “The iPhone App

  1. thank you txcattledog,

    i have been reading and enjoying your udpates as they come. it helps while i wait for my own tesla in austin.

    keep them coming.

    • Sure! I’ll be working on a longer 1-month summary this weekend, hope to put it up Saturday. Thanks for peeking in.

  2. TX,

    Just wanted to let you know that it looks like the pics with your VIN and (what appears to be) your home address got uploaded along with the blurred out version. Might want to get rid of those.

    Great blog.. I’m getting ready to place a reservation and info like this make me feel better about the decision and help convince the wife.

    Keep it going!


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