NY Times – What They Say What They Doesn’t

John Broder has replied to Elon Musk:


txcattledog has repied to John Broder (actually twice, this is the latest, link and text):


John – As I wrote to you this weekend, if you simply had acknowledged in your first article that there were things you could have done better, I believe we wouldn’t be at this level of claim/counterclaim. In your response to me, and again above, you seem reluctant to do that and place ALL the blame with Tesla. Why?

I was, and am, simply seeking balanced reporting. Did your brother enjoy the ride? Isn’t the acceleration amazing? And the silence – wouldn’t the world be better without engine rumbles? How about the beauty and simplicity of the touchscreen interface? Handling in slippery conditions? Did you like charging for free at the superchargers? Is anyone else along I-95 giving gas away for free? Come on John, you missed the white while you were staring at the black (and blaming it all on Tesla). And all the shades of gray.

For the rest of you reading my response, I am a Tesla Model S owner. I disagree with John’s original premise that a Model S requires more effort to own/drive than a gas car. It requires different effort, and in many, many ways it requires less effort. On the net whole I believe it is easier to own and operate. And it is a dramatically better driving experience.


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