It Just Gets Better…

On my way to a UTSA (UT San Antonio) Development Board meeting, I was approached in the parking lot by a woman inquiring about our Tesla. Her name is Anita Leffel, a professor who teaches Entrepreneurship within UTSA’s College of Business. Her class, which meets at 5:30, discusses entrepreneurship and makes the students found a business/product. She asked me if I would speak to her class about Tesla, since they had recently studied it and the Better Place business models. Today. At 5:30. It was 3:45!

So after I went to the Development Board meeting, I went over to her class. They were AWESOME! Great questions and conversations, though I’m sure puzzled why this man, stalked by their professor, was such a lunatic about this car and company. We all had a blast for about an hour!

So imagine my surprise when they shared with me their products/inventions, as in gave them to me. A battery-powered cell phone charger, wristband watch/memory stick, branded shot glass and ‘terrible towels’, french tip press-on nails, bracelets to get to thrift clothing fashion shows, etc. Very awesome, I wish I had Shark Tank wealth to fund them! Here’s the goods:



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