How Long Will the Batteries Last?

A lot of people ask how long the batteries will last. I don’t know.

18650 Cells

18650 Cells

The general understanding is that we are within warranty if the batteries have retained 70% of charge within 8 years and 125,000 miles, so a degradation of about 3.7%/year. In practical terms, Roadster owners who have now had their cars 3-4 years are seeing degradation more like 1.5%/year with an older generation’s battery pack. That is a strong signal for those of us driving these glorified flashlights! In the following article, it suggests that lithium-ion battery packs that are properly managed can last 15-20 years with an 80% retention of capacity:,industry_auto,aid_261882&dfpLayout=article&dfpPParams=ind_184,industry_auto,aid_261882&dfpLayout=article

Tesla Models S = 220px-Energizer_Bunny


One response to “How Long Will the Batteries Last?

  1. Ya, I think the 70/8 standard is going to be a slam dunk for the MS. Note that at that level, an 85 is like a new 60, but better (steepest degradation is past).

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