Forbes Article

Forbes is one of the better media outlets with respect to solid reporting (I’m looking at you New York Times, the look my kids get when they misbehave.) An article came out a couple days ago by Mark Rogowsky – he’s written several insightful narratives about Tesla. Here’s my ‘comment’ to his latest addition.

Excellent article. As a Tesla Model S owner, I can testify to the car’s superiority to ICE cars. The drive experience is unmatched – smoother, faster, quieter, better. The only caveat is road-tripping, but between increased battery densities and the soon-to-expand supercharger network, those will be non-issues in just a couple years for those with angst. As it is, I’ll trade finding a hotel online every few months with a charging station to visiting the gas station weekly. Forever.

We save $250 per month simply on fuel costs. We plug in every night at home and leave in the morning with a full battery of charge. We still own a BMW, so I can say this in a direct, daily comparison – the Tesla is better.

As a TSLA owner, it’s down to execution. Sales, marketing, production, service – sure there have been blips. Blips, not craters. As Tesla has moved from making 1 car a day (June) to 10 a day (August) to 100 a day (March) they have scaled remarkably well. By March 2018, I’d be very surprised if they were not producing 1,000 cars/day – Model S, Model X, and Gen 3.

High tech, purposeful, high performance, beautiful, American made – this fusion is what the rest of American design, ingenuity, and technology ought to be striving towards. Tesla is the leader.


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