Tesla Party – Part 3!

On Saturday, my wife and I went to Brian and Kathy S’ house outside San Antonio for his official welcome party. This what’s awesome about the car – we didn’t even know them, and they asked us to come through mutual friends! They live in the hills northwest of San Antonio, very beautiful. Including Brian’s fabulous new Black with Gray interior (sharp), there were three white, one dolphin gray, our blue, and a red roadster. Seven Tesla’s in one spot, personal record! You could feel the magnetic north pole shifting south…

We met good people, enjoyed beautiful weather, and ogled great cars. There were even Tesla cookies!

There was even a poignant historic moment. One of Brian’s friends brought his Ferrari over. Beautiful to be sure. But he gave a few test rides, each one seemingly louder than the last, like a desperate call to hold on to fading glory. Reminded me of a scene from a movie, go to the 2:50 mark…

Yup. When dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Glad to be living in the century when momentum shifts from loudness to goodness.

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