The Texas Legislature Punts

It looks like Tesla’s efforts to bring car purchasing into the 21st century in Texas have stalled. What a shame, protectionism of the antiquated Manufacturer/Dealer/Consumer approach prevails. What if you HAD to buy your iMac at a Best Buy instead of an Apple store? Or couldn’t buy anything direct from, you know, the company that MADE it? Because, it’s always better to have a middleman, who knows less about the product than the people who made it and the people buying it, step in, clog the works, and add extra cost to the process, right?

You look really old-school here Texas. Stop protecting the Brontosauruses – they had their time and purpose, but life moves on. All we ask is that Tesla be allowed to compete with them. If their model adds value, consumers will choose it. If their model just adds cost, well, you get the picture…

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 9.30.59 AM


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