I Miss my Blue Heeler!

image10 days ago, my blue heeler went up to the Austin service center from San Antonio. It had two issues, one on me and one on Tesla. The Tesla one involved a faulty tire pressure sensor. After driving 25+ miles on a freeway, I’d get a warning light asking me to check my tire pressures. I did several times, using my trusty Tesla tire repair kit’s built in gauge.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.39.09 AMTesla came and got the car out of our back yard while my wife and I were in San Diego for a Centennial celebration at a school I helped design, Francis Parker School.


At any rate, they got the car Friday and fixed it either Saturday or Monday.

The second one was on me. I park in a tight spot at work, and when backing in one day I lightly grazed the wood column adjacent to my space. The graze was enough to scrape off some of the fender paint and deposit some of the column’s white paint.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.54.07 AMLuckily, there was no body damage. However, the body shop elected to take the fender off to respray the entire fender in their paint booth. Also, since I was the first dark blue car they’d worked on, they had to wait to get the paint. The upshot was an expensive repair that took a week. I should have my baby back today or tomorrow, depending on when Tesla can deliver.

The takeaways:

1. It’s a bit of a hassle when there is not a service center in your town, or even an approved body shop. Tesla, please make San Antonio a priority!

2. Apparently the Austin shop works on a LOT of Teslas. Seems like some of us like to floor it and then get in trouble. Be careful out there people!



3 responses to “I Miss my Blue Heeler!

  1. Hi txcattledog

    My Advice; You should have got the scratch fixed, by a local firm. The cost would have been lower and the end result just as good. You also would have got your car back sooner and save the environment a little more. :o) Beyond that you would be supporting local companies. Might be worth considering Next time. But lets hope you don’t need too and you have many more years of motoring free from bumps.

    Ashok Singha

    UK based

    • Ashok – I was laready having the car go to Austin for a tire sensor repair, so easier to get the scratch fixed there. There’ll be a Service Center in San Antonio soon, so no need for long travel for repairs.

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