Super Duper Charged!

Saturday we decided to lean heavily on the Supercharger in San Marcos, TX. Not because we had to, but because we could. We were going from San Antonio to Leander for Cattlepup’s afternoon soccer game, a basically 100-mile drive in each direction. We could have gotten there and back with a max charge (which is hovering around 259 miles for us, presently) driving in the low 70s – but what fun is that?!? If you’ve read here and elsewhere before, you know the Teslas are good at efficiency, but they are even better at performance. Not wanting to be limited we decided to supercharge both on our way up and way back.

On our way up, we made a very quick stop and added 60 miles of range while getting fast food at the mall’s food court. But on the way back, we took the toll road that bypasses Austin and has a speed limit of 85 MPH. Going 90 in this car feels like 20 in any other (or so I imagine, not admitting to exceeding the speed limit – yet), so it was a blast to barrel down Texas 130 and roll back into the supercharger around 6:30. We stopped for dinner and had depleted our rated range to about 50. So we plugged in, set the car for a max charge, and went to dinner, checking in a couple minutes later. Holy cow!!!

TIMG_1188he thing had cranked up to a charge rate 355 miles of range/hour (or about 117kW for electrical geeks – running current software and was the only horse in the barn)! Since we only had 45 miles to get home, we backed the charge off to a standard charge and enjoyed dinner. Before the entrees arrived, the charging was done – added 170 miles of range in what I’ll guess was close to half an hour (should have timed it, sorry.) And it was free! That’s right, read it again – the fuel for this trip was free. We drove about 210 miles and put in about 230 of range at the supercharger. In our other car, we would have used 7 gallons or about $25 of gas. Beautiful. $25 doesn’t pay for the car, but it makes a smile. Worth a lot more than $25.



3 responses to “Super Duper Charged!

  1. What version firmware were you running? I’m guessing the 120kW only happens when there’s not another car charging in the adjacent stall…

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