Our Newest Family Member

Our timeline with Tesla, while unique to us, is probably not rare. It looks something like this:

Sometime in 2010: Somehow became vaguely familiar with Tesla. I am frankly shocked that I can’t remember the exact moment, but honestly, I can’t. Curiosity, no more.

Summer 2011: Since both of our cars were nearing a decade old, and my wife’s hade >125K miles on it, I started looking more earnestly at cars and came back to the Model S. Again, I would have thought the date where I mentally committed to, “I’m going to get that car” would be seared in my memory. Alas, no. I show it to my wife, who is mildly interested, but basically says, “…if you want to…”

February 1, 2012: I want to. We reserve our Model S, a blue S85. The waiting begins…

August 15, 2012: We go to Austin to do our ‘Get Amped’ test drive. I take a day off from work (what?) and take my wife and kids up for the drive. Three great quotes:

Eva (wife): This is disappointing (driving home in our 5-series BMW). Think about that statement.

Isabella (daughter): That was cool (she’s a teenager, NOTHING I do is cool)

Nicolas (son): Can we get a Signature?

Fall 2012: Buy our first shares of TSLA.

January 9, 2013: Car delivered, I’m in Cleveland, Eva gets dsm363 to park the car in our garage because she’s so freaked to drive it.

January 10, 2013: Get text from Eva while in the Cleveland airport, “Pica (dog) and I are picking up the kids”. What the heck, the dog rides in the car before I do?!?

January 24, 2013: Reserve our Model X for the touchscreen of our Model S!

February-March 2013: Buy as much TSLA as is reasonable for us, because after owning the car for just a few days I realize, “Tesla has the jump on the future – a HUGE jump”.

Early-October 2013: While trolling teslamotorsclub.com, I notice there is a Founder’s Edition highlighted in the ‘Teslas for Sale’ section. While we don’t need another one, we also are now pretty aware that our Model X is still at least 18 months away. Why not get it, sell our last ICE (BMW), and then decide when it’s time to configure the X whether we need 3 electric cars or not (not).

Late-October 2013: No one bids on the car (???) and so I call the broker and negotiate a sale. Turns out the car is F00014, was bought by JB Straubel for his dad, who loved it but was moving back to a roadster. It was the car from the first (good) NY Times review in summer 2012. And also, apparently F00013 is Sergey Brin’s car. How cool is that!?!

November-December 2013: Can’t get transport lined up for the car, it’s 300 miles north of Chicago in the mitten thumb of Wisconsin in a garage. Finally, we get tesla to pick it up, service it in Chicago, and transport it to San Antonio in January 2014.

So here we are, proud owners of a 2012 S85, a 2012 P85 Founder’s Edition, and a reservation holder for a Model X. We haven’t sold a share of TSLA either! Enjoy the new addition in pictures!

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