TMC Connect about to Begin!

Big buzz at TMC Connect, ready to get started!



Coffee Break. Diarmud was great! Notes coming soon.


Diarmud O’Donell’ Talk

Tesla grow stores and sc by 75%
Grow superchargers by 200%

China reception extraordinary
Last 5 year plan stipulated wide eV adoption
New leadership doubling down on targets
Consistent pricing really resonated, differs from peers

Setting up urban supercharging (China too)

Fremont Factory
High volume Assembly Line Summer 2014
High. Volume Body Center Early 2015

Dealership Fight
‘We work in the light of day, they work in the dark of night’

Opens up the avenue for Model 3
Also allows Tesla to participate in energy storage.
Storage unlocks grid potential for renewables.
Site Selection based on labor, energy, logistics
Manufacturing, technology, public policy and finance key to site selection.

Design aesthetic of the car, high tech, clean, not fussy. Not cocooning. First visible and tactile change is the seats. Console coming. Still a focus.

Nice guy, smart guy.

Steve Jurvetson

Steve spoke about a wide range of issues, sporadically captured below. Very brilliant guy.

Curve of Moore’s Law for last 110 years, will keep going forever when considering technology as a whole.

Every idea is a combination of other ideas. Leads to a combinatorial effect of idea creation.

Human race will prosper mightily in the years ahead, because ideas are having sex with each other like never before. From Rational Optimist.

In the next 6 years, 3 billion people will come online for the first time. Will create more invention and progress than in human history.

Simulators will lead to an explosion to inventions. Robotics and AI are in the midst of this. Every industry will be revolutionized by information technology. How you process information will be what sets companies apart.

Ability to go where you want to go is what attracts us to cars – that’s why driverless cars will still be attractive to people, teens.

With Castrol in room, Sixth Sense moment, “I see dead people”.

200,000,000 electric bikes/motorcycles in China. 1300 ebike manufacturers in China.

SpaceX – Commercial launch possibilities are huge. Costs of launches will go down 10x with reusable rockets.

Getting out of the design space of iteratively improving the existing conditions is the disruptive chance.

Machine learning and deep learning (mimicking the human brain, exceeding human abilities) is the next big thing.



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