The Texas Legislature Punts

It looks like Tesla’s efforts to bring car purchasing into the 21st century in Texas have stalled. What a shame, protectionism of the antiquated Manufacturer/Dealer/Consumer approach prevails. What if you HAD to buy your iMac at a Best Buy instead of an Apple store? Or couldn’t buy anything direct from, you know, the company that MADE it? Because, it’s always better to have a middleman, who knows less about the product than the people who made it and the people buying it, step in, clog the works, and add extra cost to the process, right?

You look really old-school here Texas. Stop protecting the Brontosauruses – they had their time and purpose, but life moves on. All we ask is that Tesla be allowed to compete with them. If their model adds value, consumers will choose it. If their model just adds cost, well, you get the picture…

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 9.30.59 AM

Consumer Reports Teases a Blockbuster – Tesla Model S ‘The Best Vehicle We’ve Ever Tested’

OK, when fanboys like me rave and drool over the Model S, you are welcome to ignore us. But when Consumer Reports hints in their June online issue that they are going to reveal in the July issue that the Tesla Model S is “The Best Vehicle We’ve Ever Tested”, well, listen. They have tested THOUSANDS of cars in their 75 years, now doing 8o/year. Look at the picture, it doesn’t say ‘Best Electric Car…’. or ‘Best Vehicle this Year…’, ‘Best Vehicle that’s Named after a Scientist…’ it says ‘Ever’. Now will you go test drive one? Please?
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Have you been to a Tesla Store?

We recently visited the Tesla store in Denver. In addition to picking up coffee tumblers, drink bottles, and a nice polo shirt (OK, sort of obsessed), we had a great conversation with the guys running the store. Very knowledgeable, personable, etc. – good ambassadors for Tesla.

They said they sell 1-2 per day from their store, which is good but nowhere near the bookins being made in the California stores. Do the math, bodes well for TSLA shareholders.

While we were there, which was perhaps 30 minutes, they had several dozen visitors, lots of interested folks, not just lookieloos. All sorts of kids jumping into the rear facing seats, screaming ‘let’s get this car’! Future Tesla owners, start ’em young!

Stores are beautiful, this one is across from the Apple store – good location for visibility and association.

Picture 002

Picture 001

X from S? Yes!!!

I know we can’t be the first, and I have to give the credit to dsm who offered the idea, but this evening my wife and I settled into to our Model S in the garage and reserved a Model X right from the touchscreen! Now that’s romance. Yes!


It wasn’t as easy as it should have been (paying attention Tesla?) First we tried with our credit card – no dice, it wouldn’t let us enter the the card’s expiration date. Next we tried to use PayPal, every time we tried to finalize and pay it kicked us back to the start of the process. We were just about to go back to the prehistoric way of doing things (you know, online at a desktop or tablet that’s NOT in a car) but we tried creating a draft from our checking account – bingo. Reservation made. You can also wire transfer as the fourth option, didn’t need to try and figure that out.

The whole part about the reservation being refundable is a real kicker, takes away a lot of anxiety!

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No Tesla Grin Yet

I’m a big fan, and I certainly appreciate encouragement from everyone who already has their car when they say,”Once you get the car, the delivery hassles fade away.” However…

I don’t have the car yet, and it’s a big disappointment. Originally, the car was in Arizona last week and was to be delivered Monday morning at 9. No Monday delivery. No Tuesday delivery. Late Tuesday we found out that the car was leaving Arizona TODAY. And not scheduled to arrive until Thursday. Well, it’s 1,000 miles from Phoenix to San Antonio, and there’s certainly no guarantee my car is first off the truck, so I’ll be surprised if it’s before Friday.

Tesla – Please get a better delivery process. That’s really disappointing. Seriously. I can tell you where my Tesla cargo net and tire kit are – Fort Worth:

FedEx Tracking of Retail Purchase from Tesla Store

FedEx Tracking of Retail Purchase from Tesla Store

And here is the best guess I can make about where my car is:


I hope I’m grinning by Friday!

They Came!!!

After speaking with my DS yesterday and being told that my Model S was slated for 9 AM delivery, I waited at home, and waited, and waited, and they came!!!

IMG_0050Well the electrician’s did at least. Got two NEMA 14-50s installed with shrouds to protect me from tripping in the garage and ramming a screwdriver into the receptacle (did that with a bobby pin at age three, not fun).

What about the car? Well here’s a timeline of my day, if you look really closely you will NOT see ‘car delivered’ anywhere:

5:30 Woke up. This isn’t early for me, but going to bed at 2:00 is late…tired.

5:45 Make coffee, check – averaging 200 views a day! Thank you loyal readers, I promise to make the blog worth the subscription price.

7:15 Run out to Dry Cleaners to get clothes ready for tomorrow’s business trip. Wheelbarrow in fast lane on freeway – bad omen. Call 911. ‘There’s Cracker barrel on the freeway?’ asks the dispatcher. ¬†Welcome to 21st century America, brought to you by the same country that makes Tesla. Continue reading